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The Natural Philosopher began in the fall of 2017 on The University of Vermont's campus. Thanks to two senior undergraduate neuroscience students, Chris Keim and Caleb Winn, The Natural Philosopher set out on a mission to expand scientific literacy in the general population. Ever since, TNP has been devoted to producing high-quality scientific writing and artwork accessible to readers of all educational backgrounds. Scientific literature doesn't just have to be for PhDs!   


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Our Mission

Welcome to The Natural Philosopher! We represent the University of Vermont's first and only science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) publication. Founded in 2017, we aim to produce interesting and accessible articles and artwork using primary scientific literature.


We feel that science research is often lost on the general public because of obscure language and concepts, and as students involved in and interested by scientific research, we want to share the important and fascinating things uncovered by scientists today. 


Anna Rees


Sophomore Computer Science major and molecular genetics minor. Involved in research investigating spore morphology of Athyrium ferns in the Plant biology department


Conor Doolin

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Senior biomedical engineering major with a minor in food systems. Bachelor coursework concentration in cell, tissue, and organ biomechanics. Interests include pharmacology, tissue engineering, nanomaterials, regenerative medicine, and biomimetics. 

Meet the Editors

About coming soon...
About coming soon...

Meet the Writers and Artists

Nat Phil Alumni

A special thanks to all of our former contributors!

Loret Haas-Hanser
Jessica Crooker
Charlotte Evans

Avery St. Sauveur

Mykl Ambros
Dan Brooks

Rory Decker

Zach Finzi

Nick Fontaine

Ethan Loo

Lily Marino

Lindsay Aldrich

Corinne Atksinon

Olivia Baccellieri

Kayla Downs

Claire Deckers

Emily Press

Toby Lanser

Harriet Milligan

Nellie Stidham

Owen Page

Rachel Shnider 

Artur Smiechowiski

Vayl Sorenson 

Michelle Wheater

Joseph Wills

Oraya Zinder 

Riley Forbes

Nick Grubinger

Olivia Hakan

Lizzy Barrish

Ellie Fur

Cai McCann

Reese Green

Marlena Tyldesley

Maryann Makosiej

Katharine Santiago

Lucy Wing

Morgan Guthrie

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